Aim of the Association

The aim of the Association of Heads of Psychology Departments is to exchange information by meetings and other means, to propose and initiate actions on issues of common interest, particularly those affecting teaching, training, research and administration in academic Departments of Psychology, and also to enhance the standing of the discipline of Psychology

3D Scans

"Don't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin."

Ivan Pavlov



The AHPD Committee includes a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer in addition to members (10 in total) who represent a number of different universities nationally.

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Almuth McDowall (Chair)

David Donaldson(Vice Chair)

Chris Fife-Schaw (Co-0pted))


Peter Hills - elected member


Catriona Morrison (co-opted)

Jo Ashby (Co-opted)

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Jan Noyes (co-opted)

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Martin Corely (co-opted)

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Greg Maio (Co-opted)

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Steve Johnston (Treasurer)


Peter Eachus (co-opted)


Association of Heads of Psychology Departments



Friday 10th February 2023: 10:30

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Friday 26th May 2023:10:30

Face to Face meeting|:

De Vere's

Grand Connaught Rooms

Near Covent Garden

61 - 65 Great Queen Street , London WC2B 5DA


Friday 21st October 2022 : 10:30

Face to Face meeting:

Venue: Regents University, Regents park

Hotel exterior


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Contact all Heads:

To contact the Heads of all Psychology Departments in the AHPD on matters relevant only to Heads, please email: Your message will be distributed to every Head in the AHPD. Representatives from JCPHS, BPS and HEA also receive copies of email, but only Heads can post to this distribution list.

Contact all Departments:

To contact all Psychology Departments in the AHPD on more general matters, including job advertisements, please email: Your message will be distributed to every Departmental Contact in the AHPD. If an institution does not list a Departmental Contact, the email will go to the Head. Please note that only Heads and Contacts can post to this distribution list.

General enquiries:

For general enquiries about the AHPD: Contact the Secretary: Bridette Rickett:

Membership enquiries:

For details of membership of the AHPD, please email the Treasurer: Clare Cunningham:

Personal emails:

To email any Head or Contact personally, select their email address from the list of Members.

Website/email manager:

If you have any enquiries or comments on the AHPD website or the email distribution list, find any errors or omissions, or encounter any technical problems, please contact Shazia Akhtar:

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The AHPD is associated with, and works with a number of organisations within Psychology and Teaching & Education. In addition, several AHPD members are active members of some of these organisations.


Experimental Psychology Society

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